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Motivation project "cashmere of Ladakh"

Our participation in this project is a supportive effort.
With this project we are trying to patronise a small cooperative of nomadic herders in Ladakh, a border region between Tibet and India.

To adapt to the life threatening environment of the Chang Tang plateau with its long hard winters, the Cashmere goat cultivates an especially fine undercoat. From these survivalists, wool is harvested that is clearly distinguishable from the cashmere products of other regions.

The nomadic herders of the Changpa collect the fine fleece of the Cashmere goat by combing the delicate underbelly of the animal. Up to 150 grams can be collected per goat per year. After sorting and cleaning the wool, about 30-50 grams of useable material remains.

Until only recently, it wasn't possibleto process the acquired wool for sale on site. The raw wool was sold to agents who passed it on for final preparation.

Sponsorship on the part of local and Indian government has now made it possible for the nomads to cultivate this  “Himalayan gold” themselves.
The inclusion of the producer in the production process guarantees purity, authenticity and the finest quality fleece.

Inclement weather in this mountain location allows only for the most basic handiwork to be practiced, which means the craftsmanship of the indigenous people is an inseparable part of the final product.

These exceptional goods now are produced where the local people 
have been working with the materials for hundreds of years
Applied craftsmanship gives each piece its distinct identity, something 
that has been lost through industrialization in our global society
Traditional knowledge and skills are preserved and further cultivated

Reclining economic values of the region are regained and benefits returned  directly to the nomadic herders and their families, allowing them to continue their way of life

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